Urban Photographers For Any Sized Project

We can provide urban  photographers for any sized project. Howard Kingsnorth specialises in making sure your ideas are captured in stunning detail.

Some of the most stunning images aroundare based in an urban location. For this reason many global and UK companies are seeking urban photographers to capture various locations for various reasons and use such as advertising and marketing or publication.

Howard Kingsnorthhas experience travelling the globe capturing the most stunning images at some of the most interesting urban locations in the world. Using his years of experience and combined with techniques that can onlybe learned from years of experience within the industry, the end results are quite simply breath taking. Being able to capture any mood or feeling through images Howard can visualise exactly what you require and then bring this to life.

There are many factors that needto be considered when preparing fora location shoot. We can take care of all these for you and no exactly what is required.  No longer is it just a case of turning up and clicking. There’s many factors involved to make sure your vision is brought to life. Weather, atmospheric conditions, lighting, restrictions all play a part and have to be considered before the day of the shoot.


Urban Photographers

We can shoot images around the world in any location and in any city. We can shoot day or night andfor one day or more. Our promise to deliver the exact image you have in your mind is paramount at all times. We work with you to bring to life what you want and our team of experts and specialists including Howard Kingsnorth himself will deliver outstanding photographs that capture your subject perfectly.

Night shoots can bring out amazing details, especially if the location is well known for being bright and busy such as Times Square.  Howard Kingsnorth can bring this out even more, with depth and details rarely seen in an image.

As Urban photographers go we lead the field. We ground breaking techniques and experience earned through trial and error. Speak to us about your requirements and we will gladly discuss your project in a free informal chat.