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Structure photographers like Howard Kingsnorth provide an invaluable service to many industries including architecture, design, and advertising. They provide images of structures that many of us would never otherwise see in our lifetimes; images of buildings, bridges and other constructions that have become world landmarks.

The task that structure photographers take on

Structure photographers have a very difficult job. Their task is to capture a structure in a way that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also in a way that is accurate and in accordance with the designer’s and/or architect’s intentions.

It means that structure photographers have to have incredible patience. Not only that but they must also have a lot of technical photographic knowledge, and a great tool bag with the latest cutting edge equipment and software, and of course high levels of expertise and know-how in order to get the very best out of that equipment.

Bearing in mind the fact that the vast majority of people who view these images will never see them in real life, capturing the structure and its best features is paramount; not just to the clients, but for the structure photographers themselves.  

Going beyond pure commercialism

To the few top structure photographers around the world, great photographs of structures transcend far beyond the commercial aspect. A good photographer will unerringly go-about finding beauty in even the most benign of structures. Choosing the right time of day for that certain light quality; making best use of prevalent shadows (using the appropriate time of day to maximise shadow availability) and portraying the interaction between man, Mother Nature and the structure itself, must be second nature to the successful structure photographer.

These are all of the things that good structure photographers take into account when composing a shot. A good photograph of any structure is not only an architectural record; it is also a work of art in its own right.


Structure Photographers

Who is Howard Kingsnorth?

Howard Kingsnorth is one of the exceptional structure photographers around on the planet today. He has over 25-years worth of experience in the photographic industry. Although he ranks up there with the best, in photographing structures, that is not where his talent ends. He is also highly regarded in the realms of aerial, character, element and urban photography.

Having boatloads of technical knowledge and in-depth experience in the world of advertising photography is only part of Howard Kingsnorth’s success. The other part on which he has built a hugely successful career is his interaction with his clients. It’s a trait that is particularly important for all structure photographers.

Any competent photographer can take good photographs of structures. However, when it comes to advertising photography, it is important to be able to capture the architect’s conceptual design. It’s this conceptual designs that lends the structure its purpose, its character - its raison d'être. 

Howard is a photographer to be reckoned with. He works for architects, designers, advertising agencies and other creative agencies the world over, but when here in the UK he is based in Shoreditch in East London.

Howard’s website and contact details

Have a browse through his website at the montage of superb images across a wide range of genres. If you would like to harness his skills, you can email Howard on, or call him on +44 (0) 20 7249 8355 or +44 (0) 78 3651 6253.