London Aerial Photographers

London aerial photographers that specialise in London based projects. We provide a full service and unique style that delivers amazing results.

If you are looking for one of the best London aerial photographers for your project then Howard Kingsnorth can delivery. Professional and experienced he has over 25 years experience and with an eye for detail can capture exactly what your project requires.

Having been in the photographic business for over 25-years, Howard Kingsnorth has developed his own unique style of photography. He is more than happy to share his skill, style and experience with architects, designers, advertising agencies, and other creative agencies, creating stunning aerial photographs that breathe new life into still imagery.

What is worth more than 10,000 words?

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words (some quotes use a figure of ten thousand) so it comes as no surprise that Howard Kingsnorth’s website carries few words. Instead, it offers an array of stunning photographs under the various categories of aerial, character, element, structure and urban.

When it comes to aerial photographers, Howard Kingsnorth is right up there with the very best. The worlds of architectural structures, cityscapes and urban landscapes have a new champion in portraying them in aerial photography that fires the imagination.

 The new leading light of London aerial photographers

Howard already enjoys a well-earned reputation as a provider of compelling photographs, having worked with many of the biggest and most well-known creative agencies around the world. He is associated with some of the best-known brands and forceful advertising campaigns around today.

By recently turning his focus onto aerial photography, he is creating a name for himself and is in fact becoming one of the most sought after London aerial photographers in the business.

The London skyline is constantly changing. Recent additions such as the Shard and more relatively so, Canary Wharf, and the Gherkin, are some of the most innovative constructions in the world and a aerial photographer of Howard Kingsnorth’s ability can show them off to maximum effect.

Of course it’s not just the recent additions to the skyline that attract attention. London is one of the most historic capitols on the planet, with buildings like the Albert Hall, St Pauls Cathedral, Tower Bridge, the Houses of Parliament, etc.


London Aerial Photographers

A natural composer of great aerial photographs

As one of the top London aerial photographers around, Howard has a natural skill for composing aerial photographs. It’s not enough to depict a building or a structure. Howard Kingsnorth brings life and more importantly, atmosphere into his photography. Take a look at the aerial picture of the O2 arena on his website, under “structure.” The inclusion of the cable car crossing the Thames and partly eclipsing the sinking sun says it all.

Photography with extra power

His website brandishes the slogan – Photography – with extra power. That is indeed what this London aerial photographer brings to all his work – extra power; power to create emotion, power to market and sell - power to impress.

If you are searching for top London aerial photographers who can enshrine images and touch the imagination, Howard Kingsnorth possesses the skills and experience to provide this.