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Howard Kingsnorth is one of the hottest landscape photographers around. He has the ability to not only record the natural beauty of any landscape, but in addition to also capture any nuance of movement and mood.

Howard Kingsnorth is one of the great landscape photographers

Some of the most famous and well renowned landscape photographers include people like Max Rive of the Netherlands; Kilian Schönberger of Germany; Vincent Favre of France; Lars van de Goor also of the Netherlands; Evgeni Dinev of Bulgaria; Peter Lik of Australia; Darren White of the USA and Pakistan’s Atif Saeed. Howard Kingsnorth is another one of the great landscape photographers who shares this same company.

Great landscape photography is an art

Creating top quality landscape pictures is an art in itself, and the best images have the power to take your breath away. They can promote in the viewer, feelings of wonder and passion, and help him/her to appreciate and feel at one with the subject matter.

Great landscape photographers are artists who can create photographic magic, where others simply record an image, pretty though that image may be. To go beyond the realms of the ordinary and into the realms of the extraordinary, the creation begins with an emotional reaction to how the natural light plays and enhances the land.

Of course it’s not just emotion, although this is one of the things that sets truly top landscape photographers apart from the pack. Having the technical knowhow and expertise to transfer that emotion intact, into a still image that the viewer can empathise with, is the other half of the equation.  

Creating landscape photographic wizardry

Howard Kingsnorth has been practicing professional photography for over 25 years. The word practice is not used by chance. He, himself admits that good landscape photographers never stop learning. Each new landscape and its depiction presents its own unique set of problems. Getting around these problems and circumstances takes all of the technical ability that the photographer possesses. It’s an endless learning curve.  

When Howard Kingsnorth is presented with a new landscape, creating the perfect image of that landscape is always an ongoing challenge, but a challenge that results in photographic landscape wizardry.


Landscape Photographers

The proof of the pudding

The actual photo-shoot itself demands all of the photographer’s attention. This is the time when all of that technical expertise is called upon to capture the scene and the mood. Whilst the scene can be appreciated and enjoyed, it’s only later, when the shoot is over and the prefect images have been captured, that the photographer can sit back and revel in the emotion that the setting first created.

Likening landscape photographers to chefs, because creating the perfect photograph requires the right ingredients, the proof of the pudding is always in the eating.

Howard Kingsnorth is one of the most sought-after landscape photographers and travels all over the world plying his profession. You can contact him by email on, or by calling +44 (0) 20 7249 8355 or +44 (0) 78 3651 6253.