Aerial Photography Services By Howard Kingsnorth

Aerial photography services  in the UK and worldwide. Stunning & professional imagery for all subjects in all settings from Howard Kingsnorth.



 He and his production team are experienced in obtaining local permits, hiring helicopters, and planning precise shoots all over the globe. He also works at street level where an aerial shot is either not needed or permits are unobtainable, using either high buildings or portable aerial platforms. He is equally skilled in productions that may include working with a large cast.


Aerial Photography Services

He can shoot a single day, or multiple days, for simple concepts, or complex advertising campaigns. His past and recent work covers shoots for annual reports, architects concepts, property development, and global ad campaigns for airlines and multi national corporations. 

He welcomes the opportunity to work alongside agency creatives to develop new ideas and push the boundaries using new techniques and new technology, alloyed to a solid working knowledge of his craft. So if you are seeking aerial photography servicesthen contact us today for an informal chat.